Sincere apologies to all my readers..wont make up reasons for being away for so long.. i’ll simply say i  went out of stock. And fortunately or unfortunately…food for the mind isn’t like food for the stomach that you give anything and it’ll get digested. The mind… the soul needs and deserves quality. Popularly qouted as philosophy, most people condemn it without even knowing that its what forms their very base. The infrastructure and the works that one builds outside and terms it all success… mostly if not entirely depends on  the ‘substance’ inside. So for your own sake go ahead… take the plunge.. drop the fear of being called stupid and abnormal..and let your heart speak for you. Because philosophy comes from inside.. its the imaginary precipitate of all our conscious mind.. It shows us to ourselves and clears our minds and souls. philosophy is so amazing man!! I mean you close your eyes and tell your computerized brain to take a vacation.. and wake your sleeping heart.. and then nothing can stop you. The things you feared to say start coming out and they flow..!! 🙂 🙂 And if you feel peeople won’t appreciate it. That’s not going to happen. Put your own signature in it..your style…you essence…simply put…YOU!!!  And the best part is that everyone’s a philosopher… coz life and not man teaches us philosophy. So look beyond what’s apparent and absorb everything positively so that it adds to your aroma and taste of living.   I think that pretty much must have simmered down your anger why i dint type for days..!! haha  🙂 😛  just kidding!!  For now this all the quality that’s agreed to come out.. so if you liked this part go ahead and have a lil tea party with your heart..!! And in the rare possibility that you didn’t… read it again but with your heart and not your mind.. i’m sure u’ll like it… Till y’all n take care coz the world needs more philosophers!! ciao 😛


hi everyone!! i just logged on..difficult connections here. :( isnt it ironical that expectations come unexpectedly? Or maybe that’s because we as humans always want to cling onto something comforting, something pacifying. We always wish to be cushioned and assured everything’s gonna be ok. But again it’s ironical that we ourselves fear to give that assurance and comfort to others. By now you might have guessed that today we’ll be clinging onto ironies. The ironies of life. There are basically two kinds of ironies of life that one usually faces. One is that life as a noun gives us. This is a part of our fate…destiny whatever you call it. And the other is what we give to life and each other. The first is more important not because its fate but because its bestowed upon us. Fact is we are merely mortals given a life to play with and once our time is over, we hand it over to the next contender. I know that’s crude but that’s the best god can put it as. Ironies, situations, choices, thoughts, happiness and all those rheatorical words are merely like the waves of the fresh sea water or the birds in the sky. When they come, one alwayz senses them but with the passage of time one gets used to them. Then the receptors of right and wrong become clogged up and obviously enough we find ourselves saying life isnt what i wanted… And the irony in all this merry-go-round is just a second of thought that hits us now and then. The thought being that its all about enjoying the happiness that you caught hold of and not reminding ourselves of the happiness that escaped us. You might not realise initially but if u begin to believe and practice this idea, you are totally capable of becoming the sole controller of your happiness. I of course dont promise that only the best will happen to you because that’s like ruining the magic and mystery of life. But you will see for yourself that slowly but positively things will not affect you as much and you will have entered something called the circle of impermeability. I guess we’ll keep it till here for now as you need to go and get “encircled”!! ciao friends :P :)

hey there everyone! i am back with tendencies.. last time i told you why i didn’t call it serendipity but didn’t explain why i chose tendencies… Truth is when we look at life everything is wide and unclassifiable or if classifiable it can be classified into numerous strangely different categories that can get really too far away from each other. And so many variations cannot be fully lived and loved in a single lifetime. Life is everything but simple. Its chaos personified defined by the randomness of the choices it throws at us and the situations it puts at us.Knowingly or unknowingly we are always making choices. Some choices are major like choosing a career, a life partner, etc. But the minor choices are more important. They tend to add to the character of a person. Thoughts that evolve from the mind leave imprints on it that determine our decisions and actions… Rest explorations of this beautiful life we’ll see next time.. till then take care and keep dancing to the music that life plays. :)

taking off……

hey everyone…friends and all others reading this..i know i am new here…but i am not going to pretend that there is no one reading me. jokes apart u might be thinking as to why i have named my blog  tendencies. Actually a friend of mine pushed me towards starting a blog of my own. a great friend really.He asked me what should be the name of this…i promptly said tendencies.. although at first i thought it should be serendipity inspired from the john cussack starrer serendipity. By now u might have started to cling onto my talks. If the answer is no.. then well i am trying.. and will succeed soon and fortunately if the answer is yes!!… Then its enough for today… let’s leave something for the next time.. take care folks! Cya tomorrow.