taking off……

hey everyone…friends and all others reading this..i know i am new here…but i am not going to pretend that there is no one reading me. jokes apart u might be thinking as to why i have named my blog  tendencies. Actually a friend of mine pushed me towards starting a blog of my own. a great friend really.He asked me what should be the name of this…i promptly said tendencies.. although at first i thought it should be serendipity inspired from the john cussack starrer serendipity. By now u might have started to cling onto my talks. If the answer is no.. then well i am trying.. and will succeed soon and fortunately if the answer is yes!!… Then its enough for today… let’s leave something for the next time.. take care folks! Cya tomorrow.


One thought on “taking off……

  1. The Friend says:

    Well, just to inform you, u can change the title and address later on as well.. its all there at the dashboard.. happy blogging!


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