hey there everyone! i am back with tendencies.. last time i told you why i didn’t call it serendipity but didn’t explain why i chose tendencies… Truth is when we look at life everything is wide and unclassifiable or if classifiable it can be classified into numerous strangely different categories that can get really too far away from each other. And so many variations cannot be fully lived and loved in a single lifetime. Life is everything but simple. Its chaos personified defined by the randomness of the choices it throws at us and the situations it puts at us.Knowingly or unknowingly we are always making choices. Some choices are major like choosing a career, a life partner, etc. But the minor choices are more important. They tend to add to the character of a person. Thoughts that evolve from the mind leave imprints on it that determine our decisions and actions… Rest explorations of this beautiful life we’ll see next time.. till then take care and keep dancing to the music that life plays. :)


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