Sincere apologies to all my readers..wont make up reasons for being away for so long.. i’ll simply say i  went out of stock. And fortunately or unfortunately…food for the mind isn’t like food for the stomach that you give anything and it’ll get digested. The mind… the soul needs and deserves quality. Popularly qouted as philosophy, most people condemn it without even knowing that its what forms their very base. The infrastructure and the works that one builds outside and terms it all success… mostly if not entirely depends on  the ‘substance’ inside. So for your own sake go ahead… take the plunge.. drop the fear of being called stupid and abnormal..and let your heart speak for you. Because philosophy comes from inside.. its the imaginary precipitate of all our conscious mind.. It shows us to ourselves and clears our minds and souls. philosophy is so amazing man!! I mean you close your eyes and tell your computerized brain to take a vacation.. and wake your sleeping heart.. and then nothing can stop you. The things you feared to say start coming out and they flow..!! 🙂 🙂 And if you feel peeople won’t appreciate it. That’s not going to happen. Put your own signature in it..your style…you essence…simply put…YOU!!!  And the best part is that everyone’s a philosopher… coz life and not man teaches us philosophy. So look beyond what’s apparent and absorb everything positively so that it adds to your aroma and taste of living.   I think that pretty much must have simmered down your anger why i dint type for days..!! haha  🙂 😛  just kidding!!  For now this all the quality that’s agreed to come out.. so if you liked this part go ahead and have a lil tea party with your heart..!! And in the rare possibility that you didn’t… read it again but with your heart and not your mind.. i’m sure u’ll like it… Till y’all n take care coz the world needs more philosophers!! ciao 😛


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