my immortal heartbeat

u make me feel like a fresh new leaf
touched by the morning dewdrops
just born on the bark of strong young tree
hanging on tightly to the branches

u make me live and leap with joy
u infuse soul into my veins
invigorating my blood with hope and faith
telling me to flow from the start till the end

u make me feel like i am dreaming
dreaming ever since i woke up
ever since i came into life
u show my existence is beautiful

u throw me into the core of my life
teach me to get up and dance
dance to the tune called life
and i then cherish myself!!

everytime you look at me even for a glance
i feel i can conquer the world
i can cross all boundaries
u make me feel like a sensation

u show i am someone extraordinary
someone special to be cared for
so u make me feel each time
each time you accidently turn and look at me

the way you walk towards me
makes me wanna jump with delight
you make me feel like i am living
living and not existing

have no idea how but just the thought of you
curves my lips without me even knowing
so that the smile reaches my eyes
and appears like a twinkle

unable to figure out how
but you are the music to my song
the beats and tunes
and the way you drive me crazy!!

if i had my way i would catch hold of u
and tell you what you are doing to me
and you would smile too…
and then the smile would shift to your eyes…
just like mine!!!


almost like glass

Loving you has been a choice,
for more than just happiness.
It has given me a constant comfort,
a warmth that stays with me through the nights.

It has given me that smile,
which i can always find in my eyes.
It is like sunshine,
that percolates through me unconsciously.

Even in my sleep,
you come through shut doors.
And you whisper in my ears,
that you are always so close…so close.

And that your love is my shadow,
it gives me the shade i need
and also the hand to hold
when i need someone near.

Your eyes speak to mine sans words,
so beautifully that only eyes can explain.
They assure me so that i can go on with life,
with the assurance that you wont ever leave.

So rare is this feeling that i was first mistaken,
almost took it to be all false.
But now that you reside in me,
there are no two thoughts..only one pure love.

I am not done yet…

You say its over..
i say its not..
you say you have to go..
i say i wont let you..

every single breath i take..
i just make one more mistake..
every single time i try..
i just make you cry..

but i still have the same beats in my heart..
so i wont let us grow apart..
for i only know how much i love you..
for its so clear in my mind that i cant leave you behind..

for our love is not so weak…
that it could get over just like that..
its not like a whiff of the passing wind..
that touches you and disappears..

you have touched my heart..
and make me feel the beats of my beating heart..
you have closed my eyes..
and opened them to something so new..

you have made my feet jump with delight..
and my eyes twinkle with a glee..
you have added grace to my ways..
and life to my years..

so dont turn away yet..
for you will have to come back..
only to realise that i was right..
right when i said that you are mine!!

mine forever..till the clock ticks..
till the sun shines..
till the water flows..
and till you can love anyone ever!!

no one can love you more than me..
and no one will hang on with you for so long..
even though i will make mistakes..
and hurt you and make you cry..

but those tears were not intentional..
the apologies are though..
and every single time, i pray for you to forgive me..
i will be honest.. i will be true..

and in your love i will persevere till the very end..
i will be holding you till you stop realising that i am..
i will become one with you..
so close that you wont feel it..

so dont walk away yet..
and still if you really have to..
go ahead..
for i will be one step behind you..
for now…for then… for ever..