almost like glass

Loving you has been a choice,
for more than just happiness.
It has given me a constant comfort,
a warmth that stays with me through the nights.

It has given me that smile,
which i can always find in my eyes.
It is like sunshine,
that percolates through me unconsciously.

Even in my sleep,
you come through shut doors.
And you whisper in my ears,
that you are always so close…so close.

And that your love is my shadow,
it gives me the shade i need
and also the hand to hold
when i need someone near.

Your eyes speak to mine sans words,
so beautifully that only eyes can explain.
They assure me so that i can go on with life,
with the assurance that you wont ever leave.

So rare is this feeling that i was first mistaken,
almost took it to be all false.
But now that you reside in me,
there are no two thoughts..only one pure love.


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