my immortal heartbeat

u make me feel like a fresh new leaf
touched by the morning dewdrops
just born on the bark of strong young tree
hanging on tightly to the branches

u make me live and leap with joy
u infuse soul into my veins
invigorating my blood with hope and faith
telling me to flow from the start till the end

u make me feel like i am dreaming
dreaming ever since i woke up
ever since i came into life
u show my existence is beautiful

u throw me into the core of my life
teach me to get up and dance
dance to the tune called life
and i then cherish myself!!

everytime you look at me even for a glance
i feel i can conquer the world
i can cross all boundaries
u make me feel like a sensation

u show i am someone extraordinary
someone special to be cared for
so u make me feel each time
each time you accidently turn and look at me

the way you walk towards me
makes me wanna jump with delight
you make me feel like i am living
living and not existing

have no idea how but just the thought of you
curves my lips without me even knowing
so that the smile reaches my eyes
and appears like a twinkle

unable to figure out how
but you are the music to my song
the beats and tunes
and the way you drive me crazy!!

if i had my way i would catch hold of u
and tell you what you are doing to me
and you would smile too…
and then the smile would shift to your eyes…
just like mine!!!


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