The First and Last Tear

Even though it is destiny
that brought us closer
it is time and love
that has kept us together.

In a relation of intimacy
so very close to each other
Within the realms of each others arms
embraced till end of time.

We have shared space and time
sometimes even stepped on boundaries
just for each other…
to keep that priceless smile..

It is almost a like a dream come true.
a bit of fantasy with a dash of reality..
but now after the path taken so far..
you are hesitating..

Hesitating to hold my hand any longer..
It instills fear into my eyes
how can you not see..
the uneasiness that i am hovering underneath..

It seems a candle was lit long ago
and now its melting away..
there was brightness all around…
and now there is an air of darkness.

It sends a shiver down my spine
every time i think about its edginess
the part of the world where you are not mine…
where my hand is empty..

I can feel the cold and dark spaces around me
as they encircle me….
Even though i know, there is nothing i can do about them…
As without you, they seem more powerful.

These confines and emptiness are approaching me
as you are letting go of me..
Its so slow that I can feel it..
like blood draining out of my veins.

So here I am..calling out to you one last time
To show you what you maybe losing..
the purest heart that will truly always be loving you..
A heart that assures unconditional love…

In the last few minutes of this separation,
i shed a tear not out of desperation
not out of pain, but only out of the hope that..
it might seep into your heart and reinfuse love…

From the moment the tear escapes my eye,
to the second it reaches my lips ….
i pray for a miracle..that will bring you back to me..
and keep you with me..

But it is only one tear that i will shed…
should be enough to awaken you..
more tears will only wash away my love with them..
So it is one and only one tear for you…


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