The Girl In The Alleyways

It is late past midnight

moonless night..

cloudless starry sky!!

deserted by all signs of life.

Its so cold the lake wished..

it could crumple up and sit beneath the whistling trees..

the feathers have all closed up..

just breathing with minimum air.

The lights of the buildings..

dimming down as she walks..

fine miniature voices hide themselves

from the unknown.

But a slender finery work of art..

streams her way through the silence..

seems as though its 12 in the noon..

warm and sunny like the midday sun!

Her eyes are glistening..

and it snot the there is none.

she is as plaintive as can be.

its the secretive glaze..beneath the hidden seriousness.

Her whole persona is so very mysterious..

not one not two…but many a charms..

tracing her identity to someone so apart.

So beautiful in her own ways..its difficult to draw.

Her golden hair flowing down..the only glisten in this moonless night.

only to highlight her broad shoulders..and exposing her svelte figure..

Adding to her preformed charm..

all this for barely a block distance of walk.

Thinking of somehow capturing that glaze gleam and charm..

and putting it in a box..then maybe..

she’ll notice my air..difficult as that maybe!

n maybe turn towards me for a inch in time.

I would hold her..captivate her..

try to tell how taken aback I am..

and that She..yes! herself..the girl in the dark abandoned alleyways..

just took me into a conversation…without words.

I know she wont say a word..

but fortune of mine that she might smile..

fortune that she may circle around..break the mystery that she is..

because she is not just another girl…the girl in the alleyways…

the dark abandoned alleyways…………


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