To forgive is a gift

There are ways to remember you..
But blaming you is not one
You’re now a memory
But almost a bitter one.

I let you come and take me
So easily now I feel..
But that’s okay now..
Or I wouldn’t have seen what all I have seen..

You were quick to show me
What reality is..
And I thank you for that..
For waking me up from my dreams…

And now when I nurse
My heartache by myself..
It’s you and only that comes to my mind..
How you might have moved on
Leaving me behind

But I’m not the ones to blame
I’m not the types to curse..
I’d rather forgive you…
Or the pain will get worse..

You can’t return my love
Can’t reverse the time..
Can’t even apologize for it..
Leave alone make it up in time.

My love chooses to be beyond
And above all this..
And I know you won’t understand..
How I left without asking anything in return??

But all I needed was love..
Or maybe just even gratitude..
To tell me I had lifted you..
Was there for you when you needed me..

You’re never going to get that..
Even after years and years ahead…
Because it’s me who tried to search for the answers…
You just moved ahead.


Now and then

What I was then
I very well remember
But do not wish to
go back now

What you have made me
You shouldn’t be surprised
This side of me
Wasn’t my choice

But it’s what’s true now
You’re love changed me
Again and again..
And now I can’t…can’t anymore..

Can’t find my way back anymore
so let me be this person
That you have created
because I can’t turn back now.

With all the hopes and dreams
You brought..I added mine too
and now its too late..
Too late to separate..

It’s best you let me lie..
Peacefully under the deep blue sky..
And let me find my way
Because I can’t turn back..

I won’t get in your way
Won’t even come before you
But don’t tell me what to say
because it’s not us just me..

It’s me finding my way
All by myself…I’m alone but its okay..
I promise not to blame you..
So just let me be..