Now and then

What I was then
I very well remember
But do not wish to
go back now

What you have made me
You shouldn’t be surprised
This side of me
Wasn’t my choice

But it’s what’s true now
You’re love changed me
Again and again..
And now I can’t…can’t anymore..

Can’t find my way back anymore
so let me be this person
That you have created
because I can’t turn back now.

With all the hopes and dreams
You brought..I added mine too
and now its too late..
Too late to separate..

It’s best you let me lie..
Peacefully under the deep blue sky..
And let me find my way
Because I can’t turn back..

I won’t get in your way
Won’t even come before you
But don’t tell me what to say
because it’s not us just me..

It’s me finding my way
All by myself…I’m alone but its okay..
I promise not to blame you..
So just let me be..


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