Lifting you

What was my purpose
When you came into my life
That time was dark
and I couldn’t realize..

I became your person
Because you required it.
Never doubted you
Thought you deserved it..

Named it love so easily
Without a question at all
Didn’t make sense
To not believe it was true..

Gave you all that I had..
Let you be the person
You could be..even if it meant
Hurting me..

I should have known
you were never what you said..
Your care was selfish
So was your gratitude

Everything that you showed me..
Was merely a reflection of my attitude..
I was blinded by your ways..
Unable to see what lay underneath..

But now I thank you..
Thank you for walking away..
For showing me the reality..
Or I wouldn’t have woken up..

They say you must believe
Believe that good things happen..
But now I feel it’s easy to believe..
Tough to be a part of those dreams..

So here I am..back to my place.
Might be dull without you..
But it’s peace..


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