Deep thinking in a flight

Well it could practically be because of the drop in atmospheric pressure..or the lack of open air but you never know even my untreatable motion sickness could trigger it. This trip was supposed to be “rejuvenating and refueling for my drained soul“..And here I was already set to work my overworked brain.I could have simply closed my eyes and avoided it completely. I began to assimilate all details in my surroundings and my empty stomach added a twist of insanity to it.I started realizing that how perfect everything was.How well maintained the rest of the world was.How these air hostesses had no signs of natural-ity and how they looked as confident as I would in my oversized pajamas laying in my second hand sofa.How perfect smelling the plane was and even the shabbiest of men were prompted to mind themselves.How the mother in law who would rule their household and taunt their daughter in law for one burnt roti among 30 were complying and eating the 200 rupee samosa. How tall hefty ill mannered men learnt what excuse-me means..thanks to the miss pretty who asked for some walking space in the narrow aisle! How irrevocable fathers knew a thing or two about babies thanks to the mom who had to go to the loo and fellow passengers wouldn’t bear the crying and whining.

With that said what I learnt was that I am most comfortable in my own skin..changes are welcome but there is always going to be a minimum limit(which would become the majority!!) that I would never change.I discovered few things about myself which came back with me. Its very normal to feel conscious of oneself when your environment is extremely rehearsed and well maintained! Its ok to have blemishes and blackheads when others are caked with makeup. Its ok to have split ends,dandruff and shapeless hair when you have been working hard and getting by with a bun.These are very superficial but more importantly its totally ok to have body measurements which require multiple photo editors. Its ok to go to the loo in the flight and feel relaxed since ur all alone and you can lift your hands up high and basically chill out! Its also ok to look at the flight menu card from the right side at the prices and then chose..and feel idiotic for not bringing home-food! Its also perfectly ok to think that why the crew people speak on the intercom the way they do. Its also ok to make an effort to try and talk to someone and not being replied to warmly(or at all).

Guys this post isn’t one of those posts which will change your life or be so great that you will always remember. Maybe it will only surely make you smile wide enough to last a day and make someone feel better about themselves.It might give someone the much needed assurance that real people are more themselves than anything else.It will remind you that you need to comfortable in your skin before being anything else and that will be the road to being the bestest you!



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