Escaping the grounds
From the air that surrounds
Moments of clarity
Therapeutic disparity

Half a sun n half a moon
Half a plate n half a spoon
Half the pain n half the joy
Half an adult n half a toy

Worn out shoes
With imprints on them
Dirt laden fingers
With dust in between the spaces

Fleeting legs but fluttering hearts
Dried up tears at the valleys of eyes
Still sparkling eyes thoroughly washed
Misunderstood by more than one

I wasn’t trying to move too fast
But I have travelled way too far now
The beats of my body are losing pace
Breaths are giving way to what I have to say

My verbal story won’t hold true anymore
Life signs are all over the place
Pain and grief are covering me now
As I cover my sweet sadness

Those small fragments of life
that I carried more like a load on my back
They’re themselves drifting away
And I won’t be chasing them

Like a sun trying to shine from behind the clouds
Like a person trying to scream from within the crowds
I have touched my freedom
But it hasn’t touched me
But the story is told that I’m still free…


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