Success is not golden and shiny. It’s not roses and wishes in cards sent to you. It’s not fancy expensive wardrobe stocked with suits and matching ties. It’s not a line of people standing to get a glimpse of you or someone who has bent over backwards just to have a minute with you. Success might seem like all these and many such touches but it’s not. 

Success is dirty hardwork night after night sitting on a hard flat chair with your back upright. Success is getting an idea that might work after trying a hundred other ideas that didn’t end up working. Success is putting all your energy into something that bears no guarantee to give you anything back. It’s working like a perpetual machine that never turns off. It’s always responding to your alarms and not taking any time outs. It’s seeing others live their lives while you chose something else for yourself and try to justify your choices. It’s not only believing in yourself when no one does but also not seeing sense in the logic that almost seems true according to the rest of the world. 


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