Dusk and dawn

The break of dawn.. 

With the cold breeze in my hair.. 

Barely a soul visible in sight.

I am covered in the confines of my blanket 

Conveniently avoiding the morning blues.. 

Which I know will run after me once I escape these boundaries.. 

I know it’s just another day.. 

And I’m just another person.. 

Insecurities have crept inside which ask questions..  

Answers which are scaring me…

Will this day be the day I bring miracles to life? 

Will all bad things be replaced by good ones? 

Will I get to know myself better?  

More such questions cover me now as I have managed to get out of the warm confines..

Even with the blanket being put aside and left behind.. 

These questions are now covering me.. Following me closely throughout the day.. 


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