Stupid me… 

When I was a child 

My thoughts were my escape into the terrains wild 

Dreaming with open eyes 

Wondering out the closed windows into the skies 

Had made up my mind to be only me and unapologetically me till the end

Little did I know I was stupid.. 

Was the writer of my own fiction novel…

But as the years passed by.. 

The characters changed.. I was no more the main character.. 

The windows are now wide open.. 

More open than ever before.. But it’s my feet which are tied.. 

Potholes dug by fate and destiny everywhere around me.. 

I end up choosing to not move in either direction.. 

Now it’s not flying out the window.. 

I barely walk on the grounds now.. 

But last few days.. I have been strengthening my weak wings.. 

Preparing them for flight.. 

With the windows now being cleaned and the cobwebs being wiped off.. 

On of these days, this Eagle is going to take her flight.. 

She will soar into the open skies.. 

And her wings will have the speed of blinking eyes.. 

She will not wait for a nod.. 

Potholes on land will not stop her.. She is meant to be on the land anyway.. 

The flight where she flies alone.. Where she is her own commander and her own captain.. 


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