She didn’t care if the world approved of her                                  She didn’t ask for any company 

Neither did her ways fall in the norms of the world                            Nor did she step back and change her path 

Loneliness might be painful but being alone is different 

All she needed was her own self.. From the sunrise till the sunset.. 

Autumn leaves 

“What do you long for?”, he asked.  So I told him of my dreams    

 of chilly mornings, chillier days,  gloomy nights in City streets,   

warm cups of coffee,                         and lullabies on window panes, 

lying bundled under blankets           to the gentle sound of rain. 

I long for books that wrap you up until your eyes are full of sleep, 

I long for all the golden hues        that rest upon October trees. 

He looked at me, then he replied so solemnly, 

“I hope someday you’ll look at me the way you gaze at autumn leaves.”

In our own universe 

Circling around the rocks 

At cosmic speeds of infinity 

Inanimate objects with life untouched 

Still to be discovered that they exist 

It’s not about a civilization 

It’s just you and me

Trying to make a communication 

In time space and person. 

I’d rather you stop moving 

And let me hold on to you 

I’d rather you stop revolving 

And fuse with the tiny rocks and dust I am

In this magical reaction that we can have 

You might discover a new power of being you 

And with this new planet we might form 

The universe will change its form..

The warmth in the centre of her heart… 

A little while ago 

With the fresh foliage falling through, 

She could barely open her eyes 

As the snow flakes started to melt. 

It was just yesterday 

She wrote her last letter 

And had not even received a reply 

When she got a call 

As the melting snow fell down her rosy cheeks 

She started feeling cold and her heart seized the fire inside 

She was required no more 

Like a play where her role ended 

She is looking outside the window now 

Waiting for the leaves to crackle 

Happy that seasons change 

And all four are beautiful 

She has warmth again and she knows this season will last.. 


Success is not golden and shiny. It’s not roses and wishes in cards sent to you. It’s not fancy expensive wardrobe stocked with suits and matching ties. It’s not a line of people standing to get a glimpse of you or someone who has bent over backwards just to have a minute with you. Success might seem like all these and many such touches but it’s not. 

Success is dirty hardwork night after night sitting on a hard flat chair with your back upright. Success is getting an idea that might work after trying a hundred other ideas that didn’t end up working. Success is putting all your energy into something that bears no guarantee to give you anything back. It’s working like a perpetual machine that never turns off. It’s always responding to your alarms and not taking any time outs. It’s seeing others live their lives while you chose something else for yourself and try to justify your choices. It’s not only believing in yourself when no one does but also not seeing sense in the logic that almost seems true according to the rest of the world.