It is life after all that produces a person, gives him reason to live and then all of a sudden one fine day pulls all the reasons quietly beneath his earth.

Things that people do are the things they contain within. Or atleast one is made to believe so. What seems true is mostly differently from what actually might be true.It is all a maze. A maze of thoughts, perceptions,reactions, appearances and a lot of beliefs.Why one gets hurt is never related to one reason entirely.

 One life is just too short to emancipate what we truly are and what actually our motive in life is. More clearly said what our purpose on life might be. That is exactly why we should start searching for all things precious and beautiful from the moment we realize even a slight aspect of this fragility of our existence.

 Simultaneously, we must also live the normal life that we are given. We must realize that with every passing second, all little precious moments that we can give to ourselves will be lost. So learn from the life that has passed and yearn for all that you can. Reach out to every possibilty that comes your way!! Because life’s beautiful!!

The human heart is too fragile to live a whole life without a plausible reason. It needs a reason… a purpose to guide it towards success which in turn would give it the resulting happiness. So let us help ourselves in living a life of meaning and enrich it with REAL happiness that comes through someone’s blessing…someone’s love..someone’s gratitude or for that matter even someone’s smile.


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