What scares you??… 

“So, kiss the girl. Buy the dress. Take a vacation. Join the circus. Order the fried frog legs. Try out for the play. Learn to snowboard. Do something that scares the shit out of you. Or something that makes you happy. Or something that makes you cry. Whatever it is, do something that makes you feel. Because feeling nothing is no way to go through life.” – Valerie Thomas, From What I Remember . . .


True that!! 

“We fiction writers are a brazen lot, are we not? For we, in our passion, embrace just enough truth to consecrate our delicately contrived lies.” – Val Edward Simone

Beautifully phrased array of words.. 

“The joy of travel does not lie in reaching the destination, but in the companions met with on the journey, the changing scenery through which the traveller passes, and even the inconveniences that break up the monotony of the ordinary routine life.” – A.R. Calhoon, How to Get on in the World

How I met myself 

After going through a recent trauma in my personal life, I was on a journey to revive myself mentally and gain my emotional strength back. During this process, I found myself on two parallel paths. One which I had to take to have a normal recovery. And another which I ended up taking by virtue of my nature. 

To be continued…. 

The fault in our stars.. 

​I fell in love with you 

Just like you fall asleep 

Slowly and gradually 

And then all at once 
I did not have to say it 

You never asked me to 

You never said it 

I never needed you to. 
It was just a matter of few moments 

Like a flash of lightning 

Struck me once from nowhere at all 

And I was left wounded 
You said the right things at the right time 

Taking away my breath each time 

Was like living a dream 

Which I was hoping would come true 
You never asked anything from me 

It was me who gave it all myself 

The thing that beats in the centre of my chest 

Yes that thing used to beat day and night 
But now that thing beats no more 

I have it no more. 

I had to give it away 

Now I have yours, and that I’ll never give away. 
I will wait for the stars to align 

I have read stars do move 

While the stars take their time, 

I’ll be falling deep in love with you. 
The stars should make sense sooner 

Because if I fall too deep, 

You won’t be able to lift me back up 

And I’ll be happily lying there. 
I’ll be lying there with my new constellation. 

Next to my stars and probably yours too. 

And you’ll be there next to your stars too. 

And the last of my stars will be connected to the first of yours too.

3 reasons why going through a trauma can end up being beneficial for women in late 20’s.

1) recognising your hidden strengths: In the rare circumstances when you have no choice but to gather yourself up and move forward, you are more likely to discover your own self. You will realise you are actually stronger than you think.
2) getting out of your comfort zone : When we reach a place in our life where we seem to have everything we wanted, we become too comfortable. This stops us from growing further and even though we might seem to be at our happiest best, we can do better if we are pushed harder.
3) renovating our life and changing priorities:
Soon after a trauma occurs, we go into a bubble and enter what is known as the mourning period. This lasts for anything from few days to months or even a year or two depending on the intensity of the trauma as well as our threshold. Once this period is over, we come out stronger and more confident. Introspection comes into play and we are on a roll to change our lives inside out. We face things upfront and remove negative thoughts and people like weeds from a plant. This process brings out the best in us and is the most important reason for us to agree why what happened was for the best.